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Information about website terms is a must before Buying from Libas Express Multi Brand Store! This is done by using a computer, and it doesn’t need and type of signature.

Libas Express Foundation:

Regards to all! Libas Express website, The website conditions are mandatory to apply, not only this website, but its branches are also included in it. By acquiring the website, Confirm that you get the basic need of terms and conditions when you deny following the terms and conditions, you are not allowed to use the website. Our website has the authority to change, edit, renew, or modify the terms and conditions as per need. These variations can be done without any alarm or indication of the customers. It is a must to read the updates daily to know the changes in website conditions. 

Utilizing the website:

Even you are 18 years old or using the website under the permission of the parents, we give you the non-transferable license to shop or sell items in Libas express. The use of this site commercially is not allowed; it is only possible if you inform us about it. Any violation of the terms and conditions will lead to license cancellation without any notification. The contents of the website are only available or information processes. The product visibility and details are with the seller, and we have no concern in it. The vender writes the suggestions and ideas about the item and we have no link with it.  Most of the Processes available on the website require the registration of the user to proceed with the method. You are considered to provide the correct data or change it afterward if needed. It is your responsibility to save the passwords and login id. You should inform us in case anyone uses your account unofficially. It is not our duty if you experience any terrible circumstances on the site At the time of registration, you will have the promotional emails from the website. You can remove these by clicking at the bottom of the promotional links.

Submission details:

If you send us anything like questions, comments, suggestions, or reviews all will not send back; it will stay with us. If you make any fault in submissions like adding wrong emails or pretending to be someone else, then your submission will be canceled and will not be accepted again.

Price and accepting of the order details:

In some cases, an order can not be processed due to a few reasons; in that case, you may ask about additional information or verification, which is necessary for the further process. After complete confirmation of the data, we will accept the order. To avoid any wrong credit cards or debit card information, we will ask you to provide us your payment details and data along with your order. The information also needs the payment check details to thoroughly verify it. A buyer who refused to answer the details faces the consequences and the order is canceled within 2 days to eliminate any risk. If the product is represented with the incorrect price, you have the right to cancel the order at the same time. In the price changing issues, our team will inform you and let you know to cancel your order to avoid any of the misunderstandings between us. In such issues, the credit cards are not charged until our team confirms it with you. 

Genuine content:

The content our website has is fully secure from any copyright. It is purely original and follows all the Pakistani international conventions. All the information, music, pictures, text, graphic, software remains our responsibility.

Laws and Authority:

These terms and conditions are explained by authorities in Pakistan.


After your enrolment in using the site, you may fulfill all the terms and conditions of the site, we will be having access to the password and id of yours. We will be assigned your obligations and rights that you might need for the control of your account. In the situation of dissatisfactory with our site, you have the right to leave the site without any restrictions.

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