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We know the shipping trouble, and we make it possible that the order reaches you as soon as possible. After the completion of the order process, the buyer will get the validating SMS/ message from our team. After the message, your order will be dispatched. Most of the products are sourced from our depot and sendoff within 24 hours. Few of the products are taken from various sources due to availability issues to fulfill customers’ demand.

Local Pakistani product Orders:

The Order from Pakistan is charged according to the order weight that is mentioned in such delivery services. The normal duration of the order range from 3-4 working days.

Cancellations policy:

Libas express the objective is to make you joyful in gaining your adorable clothes in a highly professional way. When a customer decides to cancel the order, he must notify us quickly. We ship the order at a duration of 24 hours so let us know earlier.

Please do aware us about your planes of order cancellation for further procedure. Email us or request the Libas express customer service for cancellation. Once the product is shipped, the product cancellation is impossible, then the return policy will be applied.

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